Double Jeopardy

The title best explains what I’m now experiencing. At this moment I have a TS/SCI that I had when I retired from the Navy in 2013. Shortly before then last year I had that clearance reinstated after it was suspended and then revoked due to admissions I made during FS poly processing with NSA. After I had my clearance reinstated by the Navy I accepted employment with an NSA contractor and was told I needed to take the FS poly again since I was out of access for longer than 24 months. While waiting for my poly I worked as a contractor elsewhere with my clearance crossed over to DIA. I left that job for another one that required NSA access but wasn’t physically at NSA. I ended up getting laid off of that job since NSA sat on my account approval (This only required a CI poly which I already had). Since I felt I was getting the run around I requested my Senator office’s assistance in the matter in March. Keep in mind I only needed to take the FS poly to get access at NSA. Within three weeks of the Senator inquiring, the company that sponsored me for NSA notified me that they denied my SCI there. I was also told that it wouldn’t affect my existing clearance but I’ve had 2 other companies not want to move forward because of the denial. After receiving my packet from NSA they denied me based on the same EXACT info the Navy revoked my clearance for (which they provided almost 4 years ago!).

Now I’m stuck with a jpas person summary that says Eligibility: SCI-DCID 6/4 2013 ** ** DIA Based on my existing and in scope investigation, but the the Adjudicative Summary lists the NSA denial which happened last month on the 1st line along with the current SCI eligibility on the 2nd line.

The Investigation Summary also shows a closed Investigation (with no open date) last year as the basis for NSA’s decision. That doesn’t sound right since there was never an investigation open.

Does this mean I’m no longer eligible for a clearance? Can someone clarify please?

<span style=“color: #1f497d; mso-themecolor: text2;”><span style=“font-size: medium;”><span style=“font-family: Calibri;”>I cannot provide a more specific response to your scenario because you did not state what self-admitted issues led to the initial revocation, but in general, all Intelligence Community agencies must comply with Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) 704.3 which provides guidance for the denial or revocation of access to SCI, other controlled access program information, and appeals processes. This policy outlines the agency responsibilities when it denies someone SCI access and what the appeal process is. If you have not been provided due process in accordance with this policy I would suggest you contact the agency that denied you the access to find out why.</span></span></span>