Already have clearance, denied by another agency

I currently hold an active TS/SCI clearance from my agency, I applied to another agency and they said they would not give me a clearance and I now had to alert all USG entities in the future that I was denied by them. Will this threaten my current clearance?

The justification for their denial is based on information I have reported already to my agency.

Your scenario does not make sense. If you currently hold a TS/SCI then another agency cannot grant or deny you another clearance. Now if you are talking about specific SCI compartment access then that is a whole other situation. The owners of the program can determine the criteria for access and if you are denied then you should report this to your SSO and ask for further advice.

Wss that other agency the CIA?

They appear to have more stringent requirements for their clearances than those for TS/SCI’s at other federal agencies.

Curious regarding what ever happened with this. Did it affect your current TS/SCI with your agency?

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Something similar happened to me. Had a active military DoD TS/SCI, and applied to the IC. I told them how my current unit operates and some of the things we did on deployment. As a lowly junior NCO if you get orders from senior staff level individuals at your unit, you generally follow them. 3 polys and 6 months later get told by company FSO that I was denied. 2 months later get an SOR (which was grossly taken out of context) and a Personal Conduct incident report in JPAS (remember I was just applying, I never worked on the contract). No one will hire you with one of those. 2 months later DoD CAF revokes my clearance (without doing any due diligence at all, they don’t notify my command) and my military unit is pissed because theirs nothing they can do other than write “memorandums of record” and appeal through DoD CAF…

Funny thing is, DoD CAF claims reciprocity through denials. So I got a clearance attorney and appealed the SOR from the IC agency. I’m sitting at 1 year since my clearance was denied and 9 months since my attorney respond to the SOR. The best part is, even if they grant my clearance, by their agency guidelines I still have to indicated on any future SF86 that I was denied.

Got my FOIA packet and got to see most of the forms the adjudicators used to get the “whole person concept”… Those polygrapher reports were either taken out of context, void of all incident mitigating information that I gave them and or just plain inaccurate (they literally got my branch of service wrong)… IC adjudicators and polygraphers need oversight plain and simple. Because they damn sure don’t police themselves.

Polygraph operators are rated based on the admissions they obtain. They may even receive cash bonuses on that basis. So they have an incentive to inflate, or even fabricate admissions.