Denied or Revoked SCI Eligibility and Possible Impact on Your Collateral Clearance

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Many security clearances holders who have Top Secret or Secret clearance eligibility (also known as collateral) are wary about applying for jobs that require Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access, especially when it requires a polygraph. The reason for this wariness is the unknown of what happens to their collateral clearance if they are denied SCI access.…

“ An inconclusive result on a polygraph doesn’t mean it is disqualifying, but signs of deception or new information that were not previously disclosed and should have been might well result in a collateral clearance revocation”

Are you saying that there’s a difference btwn “inconclusive” and “significant response” when it comes to effect on collateral? It’s all ■■■■■■■■ anyways, and the govt knows this, right?

The key word here is should. Note that if the person leaves that company (voluntarily or otherwise) they will most likely end up in “Loss of Jurisdiction” with an “incident” which is not a good place to be.