Public trust NACI while probation

When I first submitted my SF85 & OF306 three months ago, I made sure to include everything on my pending charge. (First offense, misdemeanor B, DUI, case number, court, county, judge, lawyer, November 15) I haven’t been told anything and I received a badge so I think I got the interim, I am not sure to be honest but I’ve been working for 3 months already. Yesterday, the DA offered me to take a plea deal of deferred adjudication Probation for 1 year or to fight the case (they only have video evidence against me, with no red flags) From what I know is that I haven’t gotten the complete public trust clearance yet because it takes up to 6 months. I am half way and now I need to decide if I need to take probation or fight the case. My question is, can I still be approved for the public trust if I take the deferred adjudication probation (I wouldn’t be convicted unless I break probation) Or should I fight the case ? Also, should I talk to FSO about this situation even though I had already documented my pending case?

Your FSO would be the best person to speak with. I’m not sure if all agencies are the same but I know my agency will not find someone suitable if they have a pending case but they may be found suitable if they are on probation.