Public Trust “clearance”

When I applied for the public trust “clearance” I made sure to be open about my pending dwi that I had (case number, court, judge, city, county). A week later I was approved for the public trust “clearance”. Fast forward to today (2.5 months after I was approved), the DA is offering me a deal of deferred adjudication probation for 1 year (No conviction). I don’t know if I should take the deal because I am afraid they will revoke my public trust clearance or if I should just go to trial. My question is, should I update the security clearance office about the case or should I just not worry about since I had already disclose that I had a pending charge. (Class-B misdemeanor, first offense, DWI)

Update whomever deals with the background investigations (public trust is often someone in HR).

And may you get all the help you need if an HR unit is processing your public trust.