Public trust with pending misdemeanor

I was in Ocean City Maryland for the Fourth of July and got into a bar fight. I got charged with Affray and disorderly conduct. Recently I got a job offer and they want me to obtain and disclose information so that I can get a public trust clearance. My court date is in a week from now and I don’t know whether to delay the documents until the verdict or be up front about my situation. Will it hurt my chances from being hired and can I still get a public trust if I don’t get convicted with a misdemeanor but have been to jail for a night?

You need to be upfront regardless.


Because there’s only one question that asks me If I’m in court under any crime and in a week I won’t be.

It’s in your best interest to be as upfront as possible to show good faith and transparency. Investigators have heard it all. If you don’t mention it and it is discovered through other means, it won’t be a good look and you will most likely be contacted to discuss it anyway.


Do you think that I’ll pass the investigation? It’s Non sensitive low risk Public trust nonetheless it’s still important and start for me…

It’s such a cliche answer and I apologize but no one will ever know for sure. Depends on the agency, position, adjudicator etc etc. Honesty during the investigation is more important to them than a fight.


Read the question carefully and answer truthfully. If there are no questions regarding this, then nothing to disclose. If there is a question asking if you have ever been charged or have been charged in the past x years, for a misdemeanor or felony, then answer accordingly. Or ever arrested…then answer accordingly.

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