Public Trust / Interim Clearance

I was offered a position as a software engineer for a contractor working at NASA. I was given the offer contingent of a background check and public trust clearance. It is also contingent that I get a interim clearance the first 10 days. I have a pending DWI from 4 months ago(Nov, 2019). It is my first offense apart from 2 speeding tickets (2016,2019). I am being charged with a misdemeanor class B. I’m really stressing out about this situation and I am so worried that they will rescind the offer. They never asked me anything during the application or interview about being arrested or convictions(which I don’t have one). Does anyone have any tips or something that might calm my nerves. And does anyone know what type of forms I will be getting? This is a great offer and it will be so disappointed if I don’t pass the pre-employment.

One DWI is nothing to be concerned about. Just be up front and honest on all forms and show it was a one time incident from which you have learned.

Is an interim public trust even a thing?

No such thing. Public Trust can get you an Entry on Duty (EOD), if the company/agency/contract allows it; and if the applicant is a clean or mitigated case.