Interim Mod Risk Public Trust

Hi All,

I am at an agency where I will be contracting for the IRS. I received an interim clearance for my public trust. I am excited for the opportunity, but don’t want to commit to moving if I lose my public trust position. The interim was granted two weeks ago. I have a couple questions. My biggest red flag is getting terminated from my first job out of college about two years ago. (Disclosed this)

  1. How likely am I to get full approval?
  2. When can I expect that?
  3. What’s the difference between the interim investigation and what is left? Have they already contacted employers?

Thank you!

You have an Entry on Duty (EOD). A public trust is not a clearance so no interim clearance has been granted.

1 & 2 - Your chance is as good as anyone else’s, as everyone gets a fair shot in the security process.

3 - There’s more to the process than needs to be explained here. Essentially, you’ll have more questions to answer as the process goes on.

You didn’t say why you were terminated…but unless it was for misconduct or other nefarious things it should have no bearing, especially if you disclosed it. They look for patterns of behavior, so one termination does not equal a pattern.