Cannot get Public Trust Interim through eQIP. Why?

The sf86 on eQIP was taking so long that the company’s FSO had me complete an sf85 to get a basic Public Trust clearance so that I could at least get on the Army base with a CAC card. The interim Public Trust 85 was denied and requires a full adjutication, apparently similar to the sf86 also on eQIP. There are a couple of questionable issues on the sf86 I would expect requiring adjudication. Pot smoking in the early 1970s, and a felony 13 years ago that was later vacated (set aside, annulled, cancelled, etc.) by the Court after the County Prosecutor had his bar license revoked for “Defiling the Public’s Trust” while in office (I was just one of many people this man abused the law to obtain a guilty plea from, long story that one.) In any case, I don’t understand the issues with the 85, unless the 86 is being used as the yardstick by eQIP personnel, and suddenly I’m untouchable because an 86 exists with the additional disclosures not on an 85. This job doesn’t require an 86, but it does require an 85. Is this going to be more months of waiting? Feedback welcome and requested.

The pot is not likely an issue . . . the thing that you need to remember about the vacated charges is that not everyone whose conviction was vacated because of the charges against this prosecutor was actually innocent. In adjudication they are going to look at the charges and the facts of the case, less so at the conviction or the fact that it was overturned.

I’m not saying that you’re guilty or that you conviction should not have been overturned. I’m saying that the fact that the conviction was vacated doesn’t mean that you were not guilty or that you deserve a clearance of public trust.

@EdFarmerIII thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it. It seems a bit like threading a needle to satisfy this requirement. I can give the investigator a copy of the trial transcript. The judge says I’m a good person. The Assistant prosecutor says I’m a good person. (A career prosecutor, not the elected County Attorney that was later disbarred for defiling the public’s trust.) The transcript reads like no one really wants to do what I agreed to in the plea agreement. The choice was long-term MMS or take the plea and probation. Judge even snaps at the prosecutor when he misstates to the gallery of people there for me what the choices were. I also have 10 letters of reference to the judge about my character from local residents, and later a letter from the Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors and one from the new State Attorney General vouching for my character. Some of that might help…you think? Or it might go the other way. I’m not sure about all of that.

Yes . . . All of that should play to your side. But, without information about the charges and circumstances surrounding them, no one can even guess what the result will be. You’re still concentrating on the trial and your plea but not on the circumstances that led you there.

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All, my Public Trust Clearance was granted after 8 weeks. I’m told that is getting to be the norm. That my Secret will likely take a year or more. Luckily I don’t require a Secret for my position, but the company would like to move me to other areas so is processing one. Thanks for the support.