Chances of Public Trust

Hi, I recently accepted a job that requires me to fill out an SF 85P. This will be my first application for any clearance type job.

I was wondering my chances of obtaining an interim and ultimately the public trust with my police record. I have two minor in consumption of alcohol charges while attending college in late 2014 – one in October, and one in November. I am about to turn 24. One was dismissed after taking classes, serving a probation period, and performing community service. The other one I had to pay a fine and my license was suspended. The two charges happened very close to each other, and in 2015 I was doing community service and taking classes that made me more aware of the negatives of underage drinking. Will I get interviewed?

I don’t have much paperwork to give to mitigate – I have an essay I wrote about the classes I took, and a letter of recommendation from an employer. I was trying to find my community service papers but I believe I gave them to the court and did not make a copy. I do not do any illegal drugs, my employers like me, and I do not drink to intoxication.

In addition, I am also a dual citizen of Canada, but I have not been to Canada in 10 years and do not contact anyone from there. I am just a citizen because my parents are and I signed up for one. I don’t even own a Canadian passport. I should say that I am a dual citizen on the sf 85p even without a passport correct?

How difficult will it be to obtain this Public Trust?

Thank you for the help!

Yes to the Canadian citizenship if you are sure you are a dual citizen.

The other stuff shouldn’t be a show stopper. Time without repeated behavior is your largest mitigator.