How do you function?

Submitted my E-QIP app in Jan '18. Within days, my manager received two different questionnaires about me from OPM which were filled out and promptly returned. Shortly afterward (w/in a couple of weeks), interim clearance was denied. Fortunately for myself, I have a skillset which allows me to move here or there and still be productive for my new employer (on a temp basis).

I know that there were a couple of flags in my application so I was only a little freaked out when the interim was denied pending full investigation. I understand. I don’t look squeaky clean on paper but even folks who don’t like me personally can’t question my personal and/or work ethic(s). I held a clearance, with no problems from 1994 through mid-2014 only to have an employer allow it to lapse. My clearance was subsequently archived and so I had to start from scratch in '18.

Does anyone know if having held a clearance for so long will have any bearing on OPM’s decision making? Is my timeline super out of whack here?

It’s been radio silence since the interim was denied and although 4, almost 5 months doesn’t seem too long in the greater scope, I’m still worried. I really like the company who hired me on. Unfortunately most of their work requires employees to have a clearance so they won’t continue to employ me indefinitely without one.

Needless to say, this whole thing is really getting to me and sort of, well, really messing with me. I’m constantly worried about being let go by my employer because I still don’t have the clearance. My work, and professional reputation are extremely important to me and I feel as though, thanks to this hitch in the road, the latter has been marred significantly. Anyone have any thoughts/input/advice to share?

It has been asked many, many times before if having a clearance prior to a new clearance application helps, it really doesn’t. You are at a 5-6 month wait so far, almost every single one of us are waiting years. So, I wouldn’t get concerned quite yet. This is a long process, be patient, and I’m sure It’ll come through at some point. No one can give you an accurate timeframe, everyone is experiencing different results. I waited 2 years for a DOD secret and am coming up on 9 months for DOS Secret. It’s a long process.

Only that you are not alone. I find myself in the same exact boat, minus previously holding a clearance. Best of luck to you.

The famous saying in the military “hurry up and wait”, the clearance process takes this a bit further of “hurry up and go insane”…all I can say with this waiting game is…therpy, lots and lots of therpy…

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What type of clearance?

My apologies for the delay. Secret. As of now, 9 months in and not a peep. Nothing. Im surprised I havent been fired at this point but Im sticking it out because the company is a good one (as evidenced by the fact that they havent canned me yet, for a start!) It’s tough though… I really want to do my job (which I quite enjoy!) and I cant until the clearance is granted and I can get to it or, it’s denied… and I have to find a new line of work.

LMH, IMO…your now coming into the window of getting “the email”. For a secert 10 months is about the norm lately with a squeaky clean record. Hopefully with in the next 30 days you will know…best of luck

Sounds like we’re in the exact same boat. Only difference is I’m 7 months in, and been in adjudication for the past month almost. The uncleared work I do is more or less “busy work” to keep me fresh in a sense, but I’m grateful to be here in any capacity. I’m with you though, I just want to do what I came here to do. Hang in there and good luck!

9 months. I feel you. My friend was in the same boat a few years ago. He waited almost 12 months before getting a clearance. The waiting was just killing him. So ‘stay strong’ is the only advice I can give.