Secret Clearance Timeline

Hey all,
I’m in the middle of getting a secret level clearance and was curious if someone could prove any insight. I’m a recent college graduate and need a full clearance to stay on the project that I’m on.

June 2019 - Submitted eQIP
July 2019 - Denied Interim
September 2019 - Interviewed with BI

In the interview, my BI gave me the reasons why my interim was denied due to the “Eligibility Pending” status. The reason for the interim denial was due to drug use that I mentioned on my eQIP.

On my eQIP I stated that I experimented with Marijuana no more than 6 times, and my last time of using was February 2017.

I experimented with Adderal twice in November 2017, without knowing that it would be an issue (I was a naive college student who used it thinking it would help me study for final exams, without knowing it was illegal since they weren’t prescribed to me. Even worse they weren’t even helpful)

I never purchased any drugs, and not a lot of people know that I even used drugs to begin with so there isn’t a reason to think about blackmail

I explained all of this to my BI, and was told that she had seen people with worse backgrounds who still got cleared and that I shouldn’t worry about anything

I have a clean record, credit score above 700, is there speculation that I should be worried about getting a full clearance denial? In the interview I was asked if I would ever think about using drugs again and I said no, considering that I never enjoyed it and am trying to develop my professional career. I don’t know if that’s helpful or not but is being 2 years clean of experimental drug use good for adjudication?

I appreciate any advice, thanks everyone!

I think you will be alright. But Finals are taking anywhere from 5-6 months depending on the person. I am still waiting on my Final. I did see one guy on here that did did prescription drug stuff, but was honest about it on the SF-86. He was approved with his clearance Oct 26 and he interview back in late July, early August. So be patient like I am and you should be okay.

By the way, they take the whole-person view into account, not just a couple instances of bad decisions.