Secret level clearance timeline

What is the current secret clearance timeline?

For example, 1. how many weeks a secret level interim clearance can be granted after eqip (plus all the required docs & finger prints) is submitted online? 2. how long on average the final secret clearance can be granted?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on how correct you were in filling out the form, any issues you listed, any issues you did not list, and the area you live if you require a Subject interview.

In process for DoD Secret right now. The email I got said 120 was the average. That might vary a bit depending on the employer.

I got my interim this afternoon. Submitted all my EQIP stuff by Dec 14, got fingerprints done Dec 16, and they accepted the submission Dec 20. So that was just over 3 weeks from accepting the application and included the Christmas/New Year holidays.

Obviously I have no idea how much longer to get the final clearance.

The information in my JPAS account is incomplete and incorrect for whatever reason it is. However, everything in my OPM investigation profile is correct. All my previous interims listed in my OPM investigation profile, but not in JPAS. Besides, all the issues have been mitigated in my OPM investigation profile, but not in JPAS. I know in the past, interim was granted based on what was in JPAS record and SF86. For the new process, will the past OPM investigation profile be reviewed when interim was evaluated?

Does it depend on the area I live or the work location the offer is granted?

Where you live - that is were most of the work will be assigned unless you listed working in the employer area and living in another area. Then the Subject interview is scheduled to the work location. This is one area that improperly completed questionnaires can slow your time line by weeks.

This error is common. There is a reason for listing the job location in addition to the employer location. For example, if you only list the employer location, which is in Reston, VA, and not list your job location in Oklahoma CIty, OK, guess where the Subject interview will be scheduled? Minor error, but unless someone in Oklahoma catches your error, the Subject interview will sit in the DC area workload until a DC area investigator gets your case (probably six week delay) and reschedules the Subject interview to Oklahoma.

The DC area, feds and contractor, workload is always heavy because of sheer numbers.

I am still a little bit confused. Let’s say: my future employment (next employment) that requires this clearance is in the DC area, and I am currently live in LA, California. My current work (in LA, CA) doesn’t need a clearance. Where (geologically) will this case be assigned? Where will the subject interview be conducted?

Just to nitpick, I think JPAS has been replaced by DISS, so if someone uses that term don’t be surprised.

Investigators are assigned based on the geographic location of the applicant or the reference, not the position.

The Subject interview is initially assigned by the computer to the area the Subject lists as their current employment work location, not the residence.

Using linlin’s example, if the Subject lists the employer address as DC and does not list the job location as CA, then the Subject interview is scheduled to DC. If the Subject lists the job location in CA, then the Subject interview is scheduled to the CA job location. Often, very often, Subject’s don’t read the employment question thoroughly and skip the job location question. The default job location is the employer address. This is why so many cases get delayed from the get go.

Thanks for clarifying. I guess the idea is that the subject will be interviewed at work?

Yes. This is also why it is frustrating when contracting companies insist Subjects list working at the future employer on their eQip. Especially when said contractor’s HR returns a “never worked here” response to DCSA’s request for employment history.

Then, the problem would be: since DC would be my next position, I am currently in CA. Therefore, I am not at my next position in DC yet. Instead, I am currently in CA. Obviously, if the subject interview is assigned to the DC area, I wouldn’t be able to attend.

By jove! You got it! Seriously though, this is a common issue with chasing down Subjects. Time is lost rescheduling the Subject interview to CA where, again, there is more workload than agents/investigators.

Correct, JPAS has been replaced by DISS, which is in the process of getting replaced by a new system!

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I see there is a question on the e-QIP:
“Is/was your physical work address different than your employer’s address?”
To eliminate any delays caused by this problem, job location means “physical work address”. Thus, I need to make sure my “physical work address” is the same as where I am now for the subject interview. However, “employer’s address” and “supervisor’s address” wouldn’t affect the location of the subject interview.

Just want to make sure my understanding here is correct.

You are correct. Physical work address is your job location - where you work most days.