It’s been 1 month and 45 dys since I turned in Eqip

For my interim. What’s next?

I don’t think I understand your post. You submit an eQIP to be granted a full clearance. You will only be considered for an interim if your sponsoring company requests that, otherwise you will just be considered for full clearance.

Wait time is highly variable, but to get a decent estimate, you need to provide more information such as what level of clearance you applied for, with what agency, if it was expedited, and if you have any issues that might require more investigation.

I think I applied for a secret they didn’t tell me, but they said my interim should be easy to get.

Interims are not very easy to get right now. It seems like only people with very squeaky files are getting interims (no drug use, convictions, foreign contacts, etc.) and even then, it’s not guaranteed. The higher level clearance you apply for, the harder it is to get an interim.

You will want to contact your FSO to ask them what level you applied for and make sure they requested an interim. They should be able to explain the next steps, which differ based on clearance level. If it is a secret-level, then you might not have an interview with an investigator, but you should see a soft inquiry on your annual credit reports within a month or two of submission. After that, they will likely contact a few of your references and employers. They might call or meet up with you to go over any issues or discrepancies.

The process is more involved for TS and takes much longer.

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