My references were interviewed before me?

Hello all,
I submitted paperwork for TS/SCI clearance in early January 2019. I haven’t heard anything since then - no credit check, no OPM investigator contacting me, and no contact from my hiring agency. However, this past week one of my references was contacted and interviewed by an investigator regarding my application. I have yet to be contacted myself for anything. Is this normal? Why was one of my references interviewed before I was? Should I contact anyone about this? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

Completely normal. You may find they wont contact you until the very end.

Think about it . . . They want to get as much information about as they can before they talk to you. If they interviewed you first and then your friends, they would have to call you back if any information from your references created new questions.

Ok I was just curious, I hadn’t reminded anyone that they would be contacted; I assumed the investigator would reach out to me first. I will let me references and previous employers know about this. Thank you all!

There is no set order for the interviews. It really depends on the workload for any area.