Please help Interview next week for Secret

Timeline for Secret
Submitted SF86 for Secret April 1 2019.
Interim denied April 15 2019.
Interview scheduled June 20 2019

I am confused they never called my references prior to scheduling interview. Is it a good sign or bad. I used to have Secret in the past before it expires two years ago. The officer also ask me to bring all my current and expired passports including foreign in the interview. Is this normal

Yes, it’s completely normal, especially if you have a foreign passport. The investigator will need to review your passports in person, both U.S. and foreign if applicable.

They didn’t contact my references either prior to interview for Secret. So no worries.

Thanks Danorou did they contact ur references after the interview and how long u waited to get Secret after the interview. I got Secret in 2010 which expired 4 months ago.