Contacting references

Typically, How soon after your in person interview are your references contacted? I just want to be sure mine answer the phone for unknown numbers.

No set timeline. Sometimes it even happens before your interview. But they’ll have multiple opportunities to respond, way more than a single missed call. We leave voicemails, text messages, emails, show up at their house, etc. They really have to try if they wish to ignore us.


For me it was about a month. But oddly not all my references were contacted, and the investigator even reached out to me to ask for additional contacts.

Not every reference is contacted and sometimes additional references are needed because the ones that you have given don’t fit the time period we need or have the knowledge we are looking for. For example, you have attended school full time for the past 4 years, but all of the people we spoke to only knew you for the same semester, we need to speak to enough people to cover a broader period.

Similar question if interim clearance has been granted approx. 4 months ago and my in person interview was a month ago but none of my references have been contacted yet any ideas when that might occur?

My references are currently being contacted, and my interview isn’t until next month.

I was also asked for a number of new references (more than ten). That was a challenge.

My references were contacted about 1 week after i submitted the 86.

Oof that sounds crazy. I don’t think I know that many people lol. For a secret or TS?

It’s a TS/sCI clearance