Heads up to references, but no contact?

I was told at my interview about a month ago to let two people know they would be contacted immediately. They nor I have heard anything. How likely is it he would close the investigation before contacting the people he said to give a heads up to? Could it be there was another lead or something that shifted?

This is for a secret, thanks!

Often an investigator will develop their own leads and they will interview people you may no longer be in contact with.

Oh, sure, just wondering what I should tell those people since they’re asking. I guess I’ll just tell them to keep waiting. I was just curious if there’s a reason they won’t be contacted, given I was told to tell them they definitely would.

The interview involved going over my sf-86 in detail and took 3 hours. I called the following Monday about something I mixed up; he said it wasn’t important, and he would be working on his report shortly but might call that week or the next in case he didn’t ask certain questions. Any number of things could have come up.

My status says eligibility pending for 70 days. I did reach out to my FSO yesterday, but nothing yet.

Sorry, that’s a lot of info, it’s probably fine. :slight_smile:

I once had a subject give me a very detailed spread sheet of his employment and education references, as well the best people to contact for social references. There was at least 25 names on the list. I contacted one, and then developed my own references. This particular subject was trying to direct his investigation.

Whoa! Yeah, nothing like that at all. He asked for them by name at the end, I’m personally fine either way. That’s wild though.

Could be many things. They might not be needed anymore. Or if they’re not in your local area, they might not have been assigned to an investigator yet. No need to worry.


So was there anything you found out about that subject that he/she tried to conceal?

I am a very detail oriented person, and I actually do things similar like this…(not in excel form though, lol) reading this just makes me wonder if my investigator thinks I was trying to “direct my own investigation” or not.

I mean generally people would give good references right? I don’t think anyone would refer a disgruntled ex …or a former employer who was not happy about the subject’s departure of the company …(that happens, sometimes some bosses just get jealous of the used to be employees get a better job that pays a lot more!)

The references are both local. I’ve lived here for quite a while.

Actually funny story, I told him outright my last employer did not like me and most likely would have some very colorful things to say in the “anyone who might not think you should have a clearance” question. Not my supervisers or coworkers, but the staffing company because I tried to make them pay me my final wages. I ended up reporting them to the state because they never did. It was a really really small company. Honestly, they can say whatever they want haha.

It wasn’t on my sf-86 because I didn’t leave for another month after I submitted it, and it had all happened the week of the interview.

There were a lot of issues with the subject that he tried to mitigate through his references. It was a very fun case. It had almost every issue that you could imagine.

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I had my (secret) interview last week, also was told give him two references to contact. One of them has already been contacted. The second one is in a backlogged state, my investigator told me it could be months before he is contacted.

Is VA backlogged? That’s where my previous employer’s based out of and would explain a lot.

Investigation is still open per my FSO.