What comes next after my interview with my investigator?

My interview with an investigator was conducted about two weeks ago, but none of my references included in my SF86 have been contacted yet. Is this normal?

Yes it’s normal. Everyone’s case moves a little differently depending on a variety of factors.

And as I always like to point out, investigators may develop their own references and not speak to the ones you listed. Your mileage may vary (as the philosopher said)

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FWIW, I had my interview first week of June, and literally nobody has been contacted, not even my neighbors. My case is still in investigation status, and my interviewer was from out of state (not a state I’ve ever lived in).

Depending on the type of background investigation being conducted (T3 vs T5 if you completed an SF86) your listed verifiers and references may not be contacted. Residential verifiers are only needed on a few types of initial BIs.

ie, if you are undergoing reinvestigation chances are no neighbors would be contacted.

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Initial T3 here. I just got word today the investigation closed last month. Is it completed/through review though? Nobody knows haha.

But the investigator who told me he’d be calling two people didn’t call them in my case either way. That doesn’t mean someone else won’t eventually call.

It is a Tier 5 investigation. My residential references have already been contacted and provided the necessary information.


How do you know so much about your own investigation? How do you know where your investigator lives? Do you ask everyone you know every day if they’ve heard from an investigator? If you’ve had your interview, your part is done and you just have to let things run their course.

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The investigator told me he was from out of state while we were trying to find a meeting place. It came up again in small talk before the interview started. He told me to text two people and tell them he would be calling.

Both people keep checking in with me to say they haven’t heard from him because they want to make sure they didn’t miss it. One is a truck driver, I told him not to worry, they’d figure it out. I still get asked.

The rest I told would probably be getting contacts when I turned in my paperwork.

My old boss(es) have texted once a month to let me know they haven’t heard. I am on great terms with them and my former team (4 people).

My neighbor has asked me multiple times if they’re still going to reach out when I run into him in the breezeway; he was worried I didn’t get the job.

I’ve lived in the same place for the last 6-7 years. My most recent (long term) employer was small and fully remote, as is my current one. Aside from that, I’m a shut in. The rest, my current manager keeps asking so I have had to check in with security several times to try to figure out what’s going on.

It’s not that hard to stay on top of things when you have good relationships/people are generally nosy. To be honest, I wish they wouldn’t though I appreciate them. It makes me think about it when I am trying just to wait and see. But you got me. I should have said literally nobody on my form.

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If you are getting an initial T3, there is a good chance that no one will be contacted for an interview or maybe just a couple people, depending on if you had any issues. Former employers/supervisors will likely get a form in the mail. If your BI told you that two people would be interviewed, at least one likely has knowledge of an issue. If the BI told you supervisors/coworkers/neighbors/references would be interviewed, you either have a lot of issues, or more likely, the BI lost track of the fact that you are getting a T3 and not a T5.


I have issues, and one was work related. It could be the later though, now that you mention it.