Tier 5- Supervisor Contact Question

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I am currently going through a T5 investigation and the BI’s are currently conducting their field work. I had a previous supervisor who has been difficult to get in contact with as he now works as a professional sports coach. I’ve been in contact with him but it has taken almost a month for him to respond. I listed the only contact information I had for him on the SF86 including a current phone number and the last address I knew of although I believe he works/lives in a different part of the country now. It was an extremely small company and he was the only person I had direct contact with as I was contracted by them.

What happens if the background investigator cannot get ahold of him in a reasonable amount of time?

One of the biggest things that holds up BI’s is the inability to contact references. However, the investigator does not just interview people that you put down on your SF-86. They also interview “developed” references (those not on the SF-86) gleaned from their investigation. It is possible that the BI won’t even need to contact your coach if they are able to get enough references to satisfactorily complete your packet. You could get lucky and the BI could manage to get in touch with a former co-worker that still works at the company which may be adequate for that employment verification.

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Thanks for the reply… what’s funny is they’ve contacted and interviewed certain supervisors, co-workers, and references but not all listed on the sf86… from there they have interviewed other sources not listed… is it normal for them not to contact all persons listed on the sf86?

Not only is it normal, but it is required. The investigation is designed to paint a complete picture of the individual, and most people only list references on the SF-86 who are likely to give favorable reports to the investigator. The “developed references” are designed to give a more impartial view to the investigator of the subject. I believe there is a minimum number of references that must be developed in the course of the investigation.

Absolutely makes sense…no worries on my end regarding the developed references I’m just trying to get a rough estimate at where they are at in the completion of the field work… what’s strange is they did not contact all listed employment activities rather it seems they picked and chose certain one in geographical regions