Outside Contacts


I apologize for multiple questions in a row.

I’m in the middle of an investigation for my TS, and this whole process is extremely new to me. This is my first time going through an investigation of this level.

I’ve been in the investigation process for a few months now and my reference have been getting contacted.

My references are solid, but what about the additional people who the investigators may reach out to, such as my neighbors in my apartment complex, my ex’s, and my current employer.

I don’t interact with many of my neighbors to mention the fact that these contacts gain nothing by helping me grow and advance within my career?


What is your question? You can’t control who will be contacted and investigators can’t force people to participate when they do not want to.

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I apologize for not being more clear about a specific question. I’m more concerned about whether people who don’t know me can effect my ability to obtain a clearance?

Secondly what about ex’s?

I was just saying that Neither my neighbors or my ex’s stand to gain from helping me out and speaking on my behalf. So how can that factor into the process?


Don’t factor anything. Let the investigators do their work.


You would be surprised how eager people are to talk about you.

It is almost scary sometimes.


One time an investigator talked to me about one of my neighbors; I told the guy, I really dont know them. He said, can you verify that lives in that house? I said yeah, I can verify that… and that was all he needed from me.


Not gonna lie, that is scary! Especially from people who don’t truly know me.

Remember, one of the main purposes of the investigation is to verify the information you provided on the form. It’s when they find discrepancies that they start digging.

Of course, if your neighbor says something like, “oh, you mean the guy in that house that the cops are always at? With all the wild parties and comings and goings at all hours of the night?” then it might not go well :slight_smile:

Just kidding… although I’m sure some investigators here have had contacts like that.


That makes sense. I apologize for all the questions though. This is my first time going through this level of investigation. I’ve been through other lower tiered investigations but nothing of this caliber. I interview on Tuesday and I’m extremely nervous. I’ve lived an extremely boring life but I’m not perfect. Overall I just don’t know what to expect, and the thought of possibly not receiving a favorable decision makes me sick.