Security clearance sf-85P vs. reference

I got other two offers as contractors for Federal gov related jobs. I feel NOT ready to go through the clearance again.

Based on the prior as my first time with sf-85P,

My references who knows me, these didn’t get interviewed. But, Investigator asked me others and choose others e. g. My neighbors got interviewed about me. I don’t mind being asked to provide additional references. I am sure my neighbor would give me a good reference. My concern was my neighbor does not know me well like my references on the list eqip. I doubted whether this was decision made by Agency who should get interviewed and what additional questions should go over with me? Or, it’s normal! discard the list of references on Eqip and looked for other input source

I am curious why my references on the list of qtip; they are these knows me well and were NOT get called.

I gave up my privacy and little liberty. I totally felt disrespected through my first clearance. I withdrew at early stage. But the investigation had continued doing it for another two months.

As my first time, I didn’t know I had a right to reject further questions after had withdrewed. It’s so harsh. I might got revenged from Agency because of wasting their money$$$??

Any protection for a applicant if he/she decide no longer taking “position”. What I can do better?

For certain clearances the investigators have to “develop” a reference. They’re doing you a solid by letting you give them that extra reference. They’re also allowed to “double dip” so if a reference covers multiple boxes, they don’t have to interview everyone. The investigators on here can better explain this.

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I got it. Thanks for your classification. I also found the answer for my following question; it depends on the job criteria per agency.

If I applied for a new position with the same level of public trust, I need to restart the application or the old one could be re-used? Since, it’s within 60 days period.

Or, the old one will be used as cross reference. I still need to re-start applying the security clearance

Keep in mind the clearance eligibility is a privilege. Not a right. It is expected you chose folks who would speak to your excellent character. Perhaps, neighbors see a different version of you? It is a legit source of information as to how you conduct yourself. We all wear masks. We are different on the job than we are at home, in school, with family or certain friend groupings. Each can give a different perspective. Nothing to feel disrespected over. You will likely use the same information and hopefully you have a copy saved. If the new position is with the same agency they may have access to the initial background. But if you withdrew…into the burn bag it likely went.

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Got it. Thank you. I will continue use the same references as before.

“But if you withdrew…into the burn bag it likely went”…you mean all my answers and input in the past three months, none of them will be saved or keep in back log? I may need to go through clearance and may get same questions… as new applicant from the ground.

My neighbors, both gave me a good reference. Only one minor that she was asked whether my mother visited me. She said ‘Yes’. I was just laughing when she told me about the conversation. :laughing: As a matter of fact, my mother has never visited me at my condo yet. I disclosed my neighbors to be my additional references. ps: I initial thought that I did not want to bother other people for my personal purpose.

I remember you posting about this before, several times. You withdrew from your previous investigation and will have to go through the same process all over. They can’t reuse anything because it wasn’t finished the first time around, regardless of who was interviewed after you withdrew. This means all the same questions you felt were too personal and didn’t like. This also means they can interview anyone without your input, maybe someone you listed, maybe not. The investigation is not conducted by your choosing, having access is a privilege, it is taken seriously and is carried out to determine your suitability and whether you are a potential risk. Your personal feelings have nothing to do with this. No one is “vengeanful” in the process and no one is out to get you. Just know that going in, if you are not comfortable with that, don’t waste anyone’s time and don’t apply.

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Thanks. Stayed unknown/puzzles until I found this site. I had learned every times. I believe I will go through it successfully soon.

I am much confident to go through a clearance. So far, I didn’t do wrong. I will keep good up to it. No one would give up a privacy for fun. Sorry, if I am annoying and take it too serious.

BTW - the reason the investigator interviewed a neighbor is because most Subject’s will list a friend or family member on the eQIP instead of… the neighbor as instructed.

The investigation has a lot of leeway on interview Sources in order to keep the integrity of the investigation. We are specifically not allowed to let the Subject pick and chose who is interviewed.


Yep, I want to interview everyone you dont want me to talk to.

Makes my job fun.


I did have a junior, awkward, obviously new investigator for one of my re-investigations. She leaned in and asked in a conspirational tone" Are there, you know, anyone you dont’ want us to interview, like a neighbor that doesn’t like you…this way we can avoid them…" Raised an eyebrow and said have at em. I’m betting BI folks, like polygraphers, have a lot of great stories to tell.

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pioneerq’s posts (and most of the frantic posts from first timers on here) remind me of an old phrase I heard years ago as a kid, listening to family members who were cold warriors:
“Those who know, didn’t ever say too much. And those who don’t know tended to talk all the time.”

Settle down. Relax. Let the process, archaic as it is, do what it will do, because it is what it is and your fretting will not change anything. You seem like a worrywart.


I tend to become more interested in why when a Subject tries to steer me to certain people.

Recently I was TDY to a DoE site where their is a dominant social group. The Subject’s manager kept trying to steer me to certain coworkers (and being obvious about it) when I finally forcefully told the manager " I want to interview him" and pointed at some poor guy in the middle of the cubicle field.

There were no issues… I just don’t appreciate being guided. The guy I chose was great - worked with the Subject for years but was not in the cool kid group.

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I was TDY to Washington and working Microsoft cases. I wrapped up a Subject interview and asked who knows him best. I usually split the difference and let Subject give a name and then I’ll go get my own, depending on the issues in the case.

Anyway, Subject leads me to his buddies’ office, say they’ve worked together for years and are good friends. We walk in, Subject and his friend hug, start chatting and yucking it up. I actually had to interject into their banter as I was in a time crunch.

Subject leaves and I begin my interview. Dude absolutely unloads on Subject, marital affair with other coworker (who I interviewed of course), developed disciplary actions, personality conflicts, suspected theft.

All the time, I couldn’t believe Subject frog marched me into this guys office.


I have had similar experiences with family members and listed references/verifiers.

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Yep, family can be the worst. Try to steer clear as much as possible.

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I had a mother and grandmother (former supervisor/listed work reference at the family business) both tell me about an unlisted termination (Subject was fired by his mom for not showing to work on time) and both told me about the Subject drawing unemployment before joining the military, also developed.

This was back when we routinely pulled unemployment records. Turns out, my Subject was still drawing unemployment several, and I mean several, months after joining the military. I would not have known if I had not interviewed mom and nana.


And soon, we won’t be interviewing anyone with the way things are going.

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It sure seems that way, doesn’t it…

I am worry free about a reference. :100: My investigator had collected my references and extra.

Nana gonna gitchu. Erytime.