SF 85 bad job reference

I have to complete a SF 85 for a GS position. I’m concerned about the reference from a recent position I held for just a short period. This company has already cost me one job opportunity for giving out false information. I gave written resignation to my supervisor and it was never acknowledged or forwarded to the corporate office. I assumed since I was never contacted about my resignation my services were no longer needed. They accused me of being a no call no show thus resulting in loosing my last opportunity. Essentially its my word against theirs and I would hate to loose this new opportunity too. Should I disclose I held this position on the form or stand mute?

You are required to report it. Failure to do so is a felony. Just explain on the form the circumstances of your resignation.

I’m agonizing over this because I’m concerned this is going to be the deciding factor if I get this job or not. This is not a position that requires a security clearance. If I don’t list it how is the information made available to the investigator? I only had this job for two months. Is one unfavorable reference going to be a deal breaker?

The purpose of the background investigation in checking previous employers is to see if there was any misconduct or a pattern of not following rules and regulations. Being fired from one job for a minor issue is not a concern, especially for a position without clearances requirements. Ensure you list all as required because if you don’t then the issue now becomes deliberate dishonesty, which is hard to overcome.

Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it.