2 SF85’s previous job vs new one

I have a question about the SF 85 background check. I took a job Several months ago and started the process and filled out the EQIP form. None of my contacts have been reached since I submitted that several months ago.

I have since resigned from the former and accepted a new position at another company that requires the same SF 85 background check. what will happen with my current job and the SF 85 background check? Will the original SF 85 cancel upon resignation?

My concern is the slow development of the process of the first SF85, none of my contacts being reached out to, etc. So if my current investigation bumps into my past one that is still in progress, will the current one be rejected? I’ve read similar requests here but nothing exactly as my issue.

A current investigation normally trumps the old. You should tell your gaining employer about your last SF85 submission - you might not need a new investigation.

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What happens if the jobs overlapped for a month? Nothing to worry about?

Unless you were terminated for cause…