SF-86 References for SECRET

When filling out the SF-86, if you have very close, long-time friends that are cleared will that help the process? I mean, if you have 6 good character references/friends you could put on your form - and say 3 have TS-SCI Poly and 3 are uncleared normal folks, would you put the 3 cleared people? If you have 100 really close friends that are cleared you could put on there, is there any criteria that would help you choose one over the other?

I dont think it helps.

Absolutely zero effect.

Doesn’t do you any good - especially if the relationships were in the distant (more than 6 years ago) past.

List people who know you collectively over the last 7 years - not the people you have only seen once or twice a year since 2011.

It has no affect…depending on your investigator, they may only interview 1-2 ppl from your E-Quip and do the rest from secondary references. It’s best that you put down people who would be willing to meet-up with the investigator regardless of clearance status. By having a reference that has gone through a BI, they could be more understanding of your situation and more willing to help.

Thank you for the advice. Luckily, I have a lot of people I know very well, that I’ve known for a very long time and that I am in constant contact with that have gone through the BI process and are cleared and would be glad to help.

Ya lucky you! :thinking: