TS/SCI SF-86 overseas question

I have spenat alot of time overseas and actually grew up overseas since i wasn’t born in the US. So when investigators wants to confirm My refrences i’ve listed and everyone they decide to talk about do they have to go to My Old Schools, locate My friends and neighbors and their Phone Numbers etc? I Also listed an arrest do they have to go to the police station or call the police because i’ve moved alot between counties and cities?
My main concern is even though im an US Citizen and was truthful will this hurt My chances of getting a Clearance or Will it just take a really long time to do all of this?

You want to list as many sources that are in the US as possible. You also need to report any non-US citizen friendship and family member as foreign contacts.

The more US based sources you can provide will help in the timeliness of your investigation.

I understand but i don’t have too Many People i know in the US to list on the form.

The part of the investigation is how much candor are you providing. I believe once you meet with an investigator and go over your SF86 you should be fine. It may take a long long time to get to you. You maybe put on the bottom of the pile.