Suggestions to make my SF86 TS/SCI background interview and investigation go smoothly?

I already know not to leave anything blank and answer truthfully but is bringing records and paperwork with me to give to the BI a good idea? For example in my current job I fly internationally a lot. (it’s a very similar job to the one I have a COE for at DOS)…anyway, should I bring all the airline bookings from my company’s travel agent? I have all the emails etc. What other paperwork? maybe my divorce agreement? things like that? I don’t want to delay my clearance and lost this opportunity so if I can bring stuff that would help it along lmk

The thing that helps the most is having extra people with their full contact info ready to give to the investigator. You listed a neighbor who knows you at your current residence? Have two more ready to go. You listed your boss from your last job? Build a list of your coworkers there too.

Read the directions very carefully. There are “ever” questions and " in the past 7 years". Also, if you have ever completed the EQIP prior, Go in and TAKE OUT OLD RESIDENCES AND EMPLOYMENTS. ONLY GO BACK 7 YEARS.


SF86 requires 10 years on residence, education and employment.

For residence, do your best to list a neighbor with good contact information. If there is absolutely no neighbor, list someone who has been to the residence, preferably, often. For education, read carefully. First question ask if any education in last ten years. Second question ask if you have obtained a degree or diploma “more” than 10 years ago. For employment, list ALL employment in last 10 years, including part-time, full-time, self-employment and even if you worked one day. For foreign travel, list all in the last 7 years unless on US Government orders. This includes layovers. You would not need to bring anything with you unless you need to refer to it to provide additional information. Listed references should include people who know you well, one must know you for at least 7 years. Use people that you see socially. As mentioned in another post, have a list of contacts for extra sources for residence, education (if needed) and employment. Do not list immediate family members for any verifiers or references. Accuracy will make the process much smoother.

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