Previous experience in foreign country


New to this process and site and wanted to see if anyone had similar experience/insight.

I’ve sent in my SF86 for a non IC job. I’ve worked abroad with 2 companies for about 1 year each. I listed this on my form and filled out as best as I could. Other posts seem to say that the investigators are only in the USA and only pursue local address/people. How will they look into these work experiences or what’s the process with foreign experiences?

I’m asking to see if it’ll be an issue during the process and if I need to prepare documents or contacts to make things better.

I’d make a note of any foreign contacts you made during the job (understanding that there will be a lot of them).

Were they US companies with overseas locations or did you work for foreign companies? There is a huge difference in the field investigations for those two scenarios.

Sometimes a US contact in the States who knew you at the time and can verify the details of your work there is sufficient. If they need more info, they may send an inquiry to the US embassy to have their security office make inquiries as best they can. But I think that would add a lot of time.

I worked for foreign companies, one might have a small office in the US though

Hopefully a US contact is sufficient so it doesn’t take too much longer.