TS/SCI refrences overseas

Will Investigators talk to My Old high school teachers overseas and ask to speak to My classmates etc? Wasn’t the best student, not the best grades and some minor fights. Just wanna be ready incase they do.
And i moved alot and didn’t have Lots of friends and the once i listed know stuff about me but not much, they won’t find more then 3-4 other of My friends if asking about it. Just worried it Will look like im trying to hide something.

Sorry for some dumb questions but i been working at this new job after i moved to the US and one of My co worker knows me a bit we don’t hang out After work though, but would it be good to mention him if i have an interview just so they have someone to talk to thats knows me from the US?

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Sorry to bump, thread got kinda lost.

It depends on whether they have investigators near your location overseas. Severals years ago they would request assistance from military special agents.

Ok thanks, i lived like 4 hours from an US embassy.