TS Clearance and foreign relations


I’m currently undergoing a TS background investigation. I was at work today when a colleague of mine who has recently been interviewed by an investigator told me he made some comments in the interview that are actually inaccurate. It was unintentional on his behalf, but I worry it could still be problematic.

For more context, the investigator asked my colleague if I have any family in a middle-eastern country that is hostile with the US. I am ethnically from that country, but I was born in the US and all of my family members are in the US and no one has gone back for decades.

I’ve been asked repeatedly in my background process if I have any family members who are still overseas in this country, and I have emphatically stated “No,” and that I have no social/familial connections with the country. Unfortunately, my coworker said to the investigator, “Yeah, he probably has family over there or something.” I asked my coworker why he said that and his response was, “Well I just kind of assumed you had family over there, I don’t know.” I tried not letting my frustration show but it probably did just a bit…anyways…

Now I’m a bit nervous about it because it obviously is in contradiction with what I’ve been saying. Am I right to be nervous? This coworker has only known me for less than two years, and isn’t someone who I socialize with outside of work.

Do you knowledgable folks have any thoughts on whether this is going to raise major red flags? Or am I overanalyzing this too much?

Thanks for any input!

I would not worry about it. If there are any questions the investigator should get back to you. The investigator should have clarified how long the other person has known you and gotten some sense of the nature of your relationship; if the investigator didn’t ask any follow up questions of that reference, and does not get back to you for follow-up, I don’t think it is a problem.

Which country? They will investigate this claim. They do not take things at face value and go with it. I work with a Russian who has a TS/SCI. She hasn’t been back in ages but she was born and raised there. She has family there as well and she was clearable. I had a rough divorce and i am pretty sure my ex had nothing amazing to say. This did not prevent me from being cleared as the investigator will chase down another lead to go on to measure accuracy. The pros in this thread can correct me if I am wrong.