Background investigation; investigator says I was dishonest

Several years ago I lived with two roommates who are of Chinese and Thai descent. They were both born in the US, but grew up and were raised in Taiwan. They are US citizens and do not hold a dual citizenship. During my personal subject interview, I told the investigator that I do not have any ties to foreign nationals. During the investigation, the investigator spoke with my landlord who was aware of my two roommates and myself living in his house for a time of nearly two years.

I am currently waiting for adjudication but requested a copy of the investigation. I noticed that the investigator had flagged a discrepancy about what I had told him regarding contact with foreign nationals as he had spoken to my landlord. The information provided by the landlord was that the roommates are Taiwanese. I also noted the information collected by the investigator was flagged with issue code 05A, which I understand to be an honest issue.

After looking through the entire investigation, I do not see that those roommates were ever contacted. I do not understand how this information can be flagged as a dishonesty as they are not foreign nationals. It seems the investigator didn’t do his/her job fully in verifying everything and now it looks like I have provided incorrect information. I did have a enhanced subject interview a few weeks before the investigation was closed to go over some things. This particular discrepancy was not brought up.

Is this potentially going to cause a problem with my clearance and what can I do if it does and I receive a SOR? I no longer have contact with those roommates.

Don’t worry about it, trust me.

It is a minor discrepancy that will not affect your. It happens all the time where interviewees provide differing information based on their own knowledge or lack of.

Is it recommended to request a copy of the investigation prior to adjudication? Any disadvantage?