What are my chances?

Last year in February 2017, I passed my OA and got a conditional offer of empolyment as a consular fellow. My investigation started in March of that year and my case has just moved to adjudication this month. I have worked and lived in China for almost seven years and I have been married to a Chinese woman for almost 5 years. I have been upfront with the investigator from the start and they must have seen my work experience from my resume. My question is if they found anything, would they have moved my case to adjudication?

Adjudication is where they decide if they have found anything significant. My guess is that with the foreign residence and spouse, and her family, your investigation took quite a long time just tracking people down and communicating with them.

Thank you for the response. Would being married to a Chinese woman be grounds for an automatic denial? I have heard some cases of that happening.

Is your wife a US citizen. Your resume can help you out a lot and potentially be the catalyst to springboard you forward. If your wife is a US citizen, is she willing to give up her Chinese Citizenship. I know this may seem to be cruel to ask but its a reality. I was born in Asia but I am going through the BI. I wish you luck!

My wife is a Chinese national. My case is already in adjudication, so I am not sure of that will help.

大灾难! What did you say to your investigator? You probably have to fill out a SOR. I am guessing you speak Mandarin like me… I would contact a lawyer if you either denied or if you have a hearing.

Thank you for the response. I told the investigator that my wife is interested in becoming a US citizen but not until we will be in the US permanently. My wife said the same thing when she was interviewed. The State Department has know since my OA that my wife is Chinese. If I have to fill out a SOR, then I will. That is up to the adjudicator. Also, I read that foreign spouses don’t have to be a naturalized citizens.

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The background investigation is just for collecting information? If there were any major problems that wouldn’t stop the investigation? Just curious. Thank you again.

No, it would not stop an investigation. Background investigators do not make those calls. They just collect information and pass the information over to adjudicators.

As for your situation, it depends on the agency. Some agencies, especially IC agencies, might have an issue with that. If your sponsoring agency is not one of those IC agencies, you should be fine. If it is, you should get in touch with your FSO/security manager to get the feeling of it.

It is with the State Department. They are not part of the IC agencies directly, but my position still requires a top-sercurity clearance.

You probably have a good chance in getting your clearance. If the state department already knows you married a foreign woman your chances are pretty good. Just make sure you list all your foreign contacts.