Adjudication length

I had my investigation in august 2019 my second date/ investigation results date of ATS was 10/30/19 and now nothing
I called DOE says they have report needing more information. They havent contacted me yet. Worried about what former employer may have said to them since we disagree on why i left. Any words of wisdom. Feeling discouraged.

Don’t worry. Wait. No news is good news. Going through a background investigation is an exercise in patience.

Problem you sit and think of every mistake you ever made wondering if will come back to haunt ya.

Stop! Go on and live your life. Don’t sit around waiting for the government to do something for you. You have no way of knowing if or when you will clear. When you need to do something toward your clearance, do it and then go back to your life. Don’t let this drive you crazy.

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Ed is right. I’m at 19 months and counting since my SF-86. Fretting over each day is a recipe for insanity.

While this is good advice for keeping you sane the problem is it often times isn’t realistic because you can’t live your life until you know the decision (I.e how long to renew a lease for or whether to get married now or wait etc. )

Looking for any advise or guidance.

scipioafricanus=Great Roman General! I’m in the waiting game and dealing with a hiring freeze! I will be on my second lifetime before my adjudication is completed! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I would continue to give the same advice . . . You’re going to allow delays here to determine where you live and if you get married? That’s NOT following my advice. Decide where you want to live NOW. Few people sign anything more than a one year lease anyway. Worry about what to do when you get your clearance, when you get your clearance.

Marriage? Why the hell would you let the government influence that decision at all?