OPM Investigator repeatedly following up with incorrect information, should I be worried?

So ever since my initial subject interview, my main OPM investigator has been following up calls with me for more information and references, and on numerous occasions he’s been asking for stuff way out of the ballpark, and I’m worried that’s going to affect my final adjudication.

One instance he calls me to give him references for people “who can verify that I have had German citizenship”’, however this has never been the case, was never discussed, the closest to this is that my grandparents and distance relatives were citizens of Germany (but later immigrated in 1960s, became US citizens, lived here ever since).

Another instance he calls me to ask for social references to who can “speak to me being out of control 1-2 a month”. I got into a heated phone argument over this. I specifically said in the subject interview, as a college student I like to go out and party on the weekends sometimes, nothing nefariousness there. He kept insisting for 5 minutes that his initial notes were right and now I’m changing the story. I don’t know what angle he was trying to come onto.

And then there are just little stuff like him wanting me to fill out FNC forms for family members who are US citizens by birth and lived here all their life and currently, just because they happen to acquire dual citizenship.

Should I just bite my tongue, hope he gets the information ‘correct enough’ so it goes favorably to adjudication or do I need to self-check every time he reports back with new information? The other investigators are fine and seem to get the information verified and correct with no problems. Somehow I’m having a miscommunication with this one.

Not sure what is going on here, I would keep everything you state in writing and get copies of what he has. Maybe he thinks your face does not fit. This means he just does not like you.

This sounds like a new investigator trying really hard to close your case.

You can always ask for his supervisor’s contact information and discuss your concerns about the investigator’s behavior.

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Really hard to close the case as in get it done quickly or somehow disqualify me?

I already passed poly/med for my agency with no problems so I know I’m near the end, I don’t want to add more time to that.

Hopefully, getting it done quickly.

While I think the investigator’s verbiage was wrong, his requests are valid (if i am understanding this all correctly). The Tier-style cases require that we interview people who have knowledge of specific “issues.” I am guessing the investigator did not obtain leads during the interview and was calling back to obtain that information.

  • In regards to the German citizenship: You stated that while they have lived in the US all their lives, they are actually dual citizens of the US and Germany. This would require extra sources to be interviewed despite the fact that you might not have any contact with them. These dual citizens should have been listed on the case papers as they could be interpreted and “close and continuing” contact as they are relatives.

  • In regards to being “out of control” 1-2 times a month, I am assuming the investigator was referencing your drinking habits. OPM considers being intoxicated as an issue, especially if you have had any alcohol-related violation at any point in your lifetime. Since you were discussing your alcohol use, I am also going to assume that you have had an alcohol violation in your life. Depending on time frames and case type, this could also require extra people being interviewed to cover your alcohol use. So, again, the verbiage was wrong, but as others have said, the investigator was new and didn’t think to change the wording.

A lot of this could actually be the fault of an over-zealous (or new) reviewer (the person that reads the case after we send it in). We are often at their mercy and are forced to call back for ridiculous information because a reviewer interpreted something differently than the investigator did.

If you are really concerned, as for his supervisor. We were all new at some point, so I feel for the guy…but I think he needs to learn how to address “issue” information.


From my understanding a us citizen, regardless of dual citizenship, relatives or contact is not required to be listed as a foreign contact. Is this not entirely true?

In the NBIB/OPM world a dual citizen IS a foreign citizen and is required to be reported on the case papers.

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I also got questioned to provide references for people “who can verify that I have another citizenship”.

I provided the list of names who knows me well. Although, I was wondering what this for?

Dual relatives are already listed, don’t go under FC. issue rez needed, not HRC tho. college probably out if scope, arrests is ever question. As a reviewer, I agree, some do not understand what is in or out of scope, and it’s not consistent. As to what’s happening to you, report very clearly to clear out that issue. Best of everything!