Question about TS Contacts

Hi Everyone, hope you can help me out.

I am about to head into the interview process for my TS. My only concern on my application is some experimental MJ use back in 2015. I never bought, but it was shared with me by some friends I hung out with back then. I only knew them for about three months total. I have cut those people out of my life for about 3.5 years now, and I’m talking like haven’t seen them in person or on social media since.

My concern is that the investigator will ask for their names, numbers, addresses for references. I can’t even remember their last names at this point and can’t fathom searching them down on the internet and being like “hey I told a federal investigator that you did illegal drugs with me. Can I have your number and address?”. Seems crazy! What do people normally do in this situation? I want to be as open as possible during the interview, but I don’t have any way to contact these guys anymore. Will the investigator take a reference instead that maybe knew about my drug use? How bad will this look?

Thanks in advance. This is driving me crazy.

They may ask for names but I doubt even that. Were you in college 3.5 years ago? Or was this older “experimentation”?

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Yes, it was during my first semester freshman year of college and wasn’t very much use. I’m hoping you’re right!

People normally recall a name, even a last name but rarely do they recall numbers and addresses.

Don’t overthink this, just provide what you know. You won’t have to track down your druggie friends and dime them out to the feds. Lol.

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