Security clearance interview contacts and drug use

Do security officers make individual files of the contacts I list on my SF-86 that they use when/if those contacts get apply for a security clearance?

Basically I have a lot of drugs listed on my form and I’ve heard the investigator will want to know where I got the drugs and possibly who I did them with. I want to be able to give my friends some peace of mind that if they get interviewed and asked about my substance use it won’t affect them if they get a clearance regardless of how they fill out their forms. Obviously they should be truthful on their forms as well, but that’s not really any of my business.

I don’t think that you want to discuss the interviews with your references as this could be seen a “coaching” them. But, I doubt that there is any cross-reference that will tie their future applications to their interview relating to yours.

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I concur with Ed. I don’t think your former drug using associates will look to favorably on you talking about this drug use. Considering they too were drug addled in this period…how much can you trust they will accurately recall? Will they tell all the bad stuff or just a little? Will they make you the big narco terrorist or just some kid who smoked pot? I doubt they will want to know who you bought from. But your references will likely be asked if you used with them or are they aware of possible drug use. I say…choose references carefully.

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I mean, they’re not former drug using associates. They are close friends of mine. Nor were they ‘drug addled’ during this period. That makes it sound like I spent 3 years strung out on heroin with junkies. The drugs weren’t hard, I was never an addict, and we all have minimum grad level college educations.

As a former BI, when someone indicates they have used illegal substances we are required to ask where they got the substances from. Was it purchased or given? Also, who was it purchased from, how much, etc. Another question on the forms is have you ever purchased, sold, handled, manufactured, etc illegal substances? Most people who have had prior drug use have purchased it. When there is any type of drug use all basic interrogatives are asked… it’s protocol.

There aren’t “individual files” made on the contacts of those who you list. Your investigation is your investigation. If your friends get interviewed, they should be honest as well. If you list a contact and say this person knows I did such and such because I used illegal drugs with them and then that person gets interviewed and claims to have no idea, it is a little suspicious. Someone is lying.

Like Ed said, don’t coach your friends. Honesty is the best policy. There’s nothing wrong with telling a friend that you listed them as a contact/reference and there is a possibility they may be contacted by an investigator. Letting them know that helps the BIs in the field since so many people don’t answer phone calls or return voicemails.

To echo Ceedeem, you will be asked the names of anyone involved in the drug use. However, you will also be asked about you current association with anyone involved in illegal activity/drug use. Hopefully, you are distanced from these individuals.

So I’m in a weird situation I’m trying to go into the Navy as a master at arms, I need a security clearance but I know moral turpitude is a disqualification. I got served around 6 months ago a DV restraining order I had to go to court for it got dismissed with a stipulation there was no charges pending and I was never arrested with that either. The TRO was to be placed for 6 months just to make sure everything was for say actually good. It is dismissed and my record besides that is clean not even a ticket for speeding or parking or anything. No high school suspensions ever, Not even a detention. Am I disqualified from getting a clearance? Do I need to bring this up on the paper work as a police run in?

You will have to speak to it, and the investigator is going to want the circumstances if everything, if it was frivolous or the other side lied to get the order in place, that will be born out of the investigation.

There’s the security clearance aspect but also the DV aspect regarding firearms. I think its called the Lautenberg Amendment. As an MA you may be required to carry a firearm and if your past history falls under the situations covered by Lautenberg it may be an issue.

I did a little googling and found this: Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban The key word appears to be “convicted” and from what you say that is not the case. But it may still come up as a question so best to be informed.


So this is a TRO I only have a temporary ban from possessing firearms which I can’t even legally own as of yet anyways I’m 20 and was 19 at the time. In California that’s how the laws written. But as soon as this is dismissed. I have my rights back, It was a relationship that just ended badly on both parts. Neither one of us are really innocent and both technically verbally abused one another and she physically abused me problem is they didn’t care they only cared about what she screen shorted. I never filed cause there’s no point. But There wasn’t even really a hearing cause even she agreed it was stupid but because of the law we it had to be ruled on both agreed to a stipulation contract through my lawyer in court to extend a temporary one for 6 months before the hearing so it basically ended as soon as it began it was so we would both stay away from eacther idk it was a mistake that Iam trying to correct by seeing anger management counseling so immature acts don’t happen again. Truthfully there weren’t any criminal charges pending either it was more she had to file it cause we were dating she couldn’t get a civil one. that also did happened when I was 19 I still can’t even own a firearm as of yet. This is a very weird case as well as everyone I spoke to basically told me it just depends on who gets my case and who they call and what they say. Idk if I’m basically needing letters of recommendations from higher people like school admin or people I know. Because if they spoke to people in my life they would say I would be great for the job. it would just suck if something this stupid that really was immature would be a disqualification even thou I’ve kept my nose clean from committing any actual crime even a misdemeanor Including drugs and alcohol, I just wonder what my best course of action is to do while in the interview if they ask about it is to say or do?

I believe the Lautenberg Amendment is the bigger issue. That came into being while I was on active duty in Air Force Security Forces, temporarily on a special duty with the Navy. There were several people serving in those capacities who lost the right to bear firearms. Therefor they could no longer work those specific career fields. I recommend speaking to an attorney to get the clarification required. If you could not be an MA would you still join the Navy? The needs of the service come first so I can easily she you shoved into a less desirable career field rating if this pops up. I honestly do not see a problem for a clearance. Particularly with you attending the anger management counselings. I highly recommend counseling and it speaks to the desire to put things behind you and accept ownership for your role. In closing, I salute your desire to serve the country.

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I was deployed someplace and all the Air Force people were on three-month AEF rotations. Except the Security Forces… they did six month tours :grimacing: and a number of them extended. The AFOSI guys also did six month tours.

I remember the howllng when Air Force extended that three months to four months. SF said, what are you complaining about?

Ah memories!


i am former AF SF/SP and never had compassion for the “normal” AF whining about training and deployments.


BI I hope you are a member of our Air Police, SF, SP retired, active etc page on facebook. If not please do ping us, 35000 members strong, no politics, religious or bashing of members.

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I am a life memberof the AFSFA.My fFirst membership was in the early 90s

.I sometimes visit Facebook but not very often, even then I tend to visit the unit “grey beard” pages.


Look up Air Police, Security Police, Security Forces, hit the Admin page. I think you will really like the depth. We have everyone from Air Police (true grey beards), folks who saw combat in Viet Nam. to those seeing it today. You just vouch for serving and wearing the badge or beret and we can grant access.

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I will give it a try… I am probably already a member.

No DM here…but if you know the nickname of the primary Admin, I would surmise you are in. Send a note to Admin if you are. I told them a “BI” person may send a note. I can contact you back from there. We are the largest with 35K members and have all the old hats dating back to the first AP’s.