People who know you well SF-86

If one of my friends moved to Florida but once stayed in my home as a roomate for a couple months, will he still count. I don’t currently socialize other than texting or calls every now and then…

That and another friend who retired and had security Clearance, but she moved to Florida recently…

So are we talking past tense or current as far as spending time in person with these references?

Otherwise I have to list another person with an Arabic sounding name, but born here in USA. He’s actually half Hispanic and half Arabic. Not that it matters to me, he’s about as American as they come… but just considering the climate we are in right now.

Thanks for any Suggestions…

Anyone you have socialized with in the last five years. In person is best, phone is fine. Doesnt matter their location. Just don’t list anyone you haven’t spoke with in years, it is not helpful. Don’t worry about someone’s name. It will not matter one bit.

So many applicants make the SF forms more complicated than it needs to be. Report exactly as the questions specify, no more, no less.

“Provide three people who know you well and who preferably live in the U.S. They should be friends, peers, colleagues, college roommates, associates, etc., who are collectively aware of your activities outside of your workplace, school, or neighborhood, and whose combined association with you covers at least the last seven (7) years. Do not list your spouse, former spouse(s), other relatives, or anyone listed elsewhere on this form.”

This is fairly straightforward for a government form.

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There’s two issues here: “People who know you well” who could serve as references; and former roommates.

No need to list them as references if you ask me. But the form also asks for someone who knew you when you were living at a certain address.

You could list either of these people under that category, or list somebody else.

Unless you were in a particularly close relationship with either of these people, I don’t think there’s any need to list them. Of course they may come up during the interview so be prepared to provide contact info at the subject interview or shortly thereafter.

My two cents.

Awesome, thanks everyone, greatly appreciated!:grinning: