Person who Knows you well SF86 section 16

I have lived in 4 different states in past 7 years and also worked for 4 different employers. I understand that section 16 asks for three people who know me well collectively for 7 years. But I need to add more than 3 people to make total 7 years. Will my form be rejected if I add more than 3 people?

I dont know but as long as you can provide three, the form will validate and go through.

Isnt there also a spot for each place you lived about someone who knew you when you lived there?

Anyway you may be contacted by an investigator for an in-person interview and if they want more references, they will ask.

You can list more than three. I have seen four several times and I am sure I have seen six.

Be mindful- the know you well is someone that knows what is going on in your life - not daily contact. If you maintained a close relationship with anyone over the last seven year, list them…

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thanks for your helpful reply. there’s still a lot that i should be learning.

Thank you very much for everyone’s time and response.