Section 11 person who knows you in the address

I am filling out my SF-86 for a Secret level clearance. I purchased a home and moved about 2 years ago. Don’t really know or talk much with my neighbors. Since I live in HOA community, I asked who was then the administrator when I moved in, but she denied to be included as a reference. She said to ask the HOA board members, but I know them even less. I was thinking of changing a long time friend from the “People who know you well” section too this section as he actually helped me move and knows where I live. From past experience, I know they don’t like repeating references from different sections.

Any suggestions?

I would advise that you use your friend or a social connection that lives in the same area. They don’t necessarily have to live in your neighborhood but rather someone who the investigator can interview in person that can verify your residency during that specific period. If it were me, I wouldn’t have asked the administrator first but rather put the office information that she worked in during your move-in and let the investigator figure it out. If nothing else, she probably could have verified your residency. Be prepared for the investigator to ask for additional references that are not on the SF-86.

Last I spoke with her, she told me to contact the current administration and they can certify that I am an owner. I told her that I didn’t need a certification but a reference, but she hasn’t replied back. Since section 11 asks for a name, I can’t add for example “HOA Administration”?

I usually leave 3 references on people who know me well, but for this Secret clearance, I’m adding more. Mostly some current and past coworkers.

For Section 11 I put down a neighbor that had lived next to me for a decent amount of years. The investigator doesn’t just check if you lived there it seems he also wants to see how you are as a tenant.