Not many people know me in past 7 years. What happens?

What typically happens when you don’t have many people to put on the SF-86 form as people that could be interviewed. I literally haven’t hung out with anyone outside my family (wife and kids, and her family) . Everyone i hung out with in college was 7-10 years ago and i rarely, if ever, keep in contact with. I mostly stay to myself and have been that way for at least past 6 years. Would co workers and/or my neighbors (neighbors have no idea who i am by name) be the next in line ? After that who else could they possibly go after? Just reading some of the Q/A’s on here and noticing people have references, which i don’t outside of family. plus anyone i’d be able to put down live in states far away from where im applying the form at.

Gamers have regular contact playing video games and chatting through their systems. It’s a new generation for sure.

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WOW. That is craazzyyy!. But, noted. I play with the same 4 people online. as i always have. I live in very small social world because people seem to lack common sense/respect at an extremely alarming level these days. just keep to my family, raise my 2 sons and be a great husband is mostly all strive for. anything outside of that is a risk to me. and risks, i dont like to take anymore.

As a BI, I have come across this a lot. With your situation, if your kids are involved in any activities another parent would suffice. Someone you maybe see often or talk to. The parent of one of your children’s friends? Maybe a close friend of your spouse? Coworkers can also count for references… if you get lunch with them or even have side bar conversations. Don’t list neighbors if you don’t talk to them or they don’t know you. Only list them under residence as a neighbor.

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Ah, thank you very much. Also, my neighbors (next doors’) dont know a lick about me. I’ve never given my name to any of my neighbors since i graduated college (2013). They’ve most likely just seen me walking to my car and then inside my apt. I’ve never lived in a house. Im a friendly person of course, but I just haven’t held conversations with any of them. I strictly go to work, and go home. My kids aren’t in activities, they are 8 and 2 years old. never met any parents of my 8 year old’s classmates.The 8 year old just goes to his 2nd grade class, then to grandma’s then back home. As stated, my family lives very seclusive life, Introverts if you will. Nothing to hide at all. Just dont like dealing with people if i don’t need to. My coworkers are probably best shot at getting any character information about me honestly because we do hang out for lunch alot. What advice is left at this point my cyber friend? my best references are def 4-5 colleagues from 7-10 years ago, and family + n laws.

Sorry for the super delayed response. If you explain your situation then the BI can write that in the report and talk to family.