Non blood uncles / neighbors

3 people that know me well… I have two non blood uncles that have obtained security clearances. They know me well , my whole life and feel they would make great references. I would like to list at least 1 or both. However this would count as “relative”? I should list colleagues/friends here? It’s unfortunate if I couldn’t list them. Another posting someone said I shouldn’t list ex girlfriends here either. I have two ex’s that wouldn’t have anything bad to say. Seems like the people that know me well I can’t list :frowning:

Some locations that I have lived at, I never met my neighbors or maybe a casual hi, but don’t know their names. Yet my vacation home I know a dozen people. Some places I feel people are more friendly. What do if I don’t know neighbors name? I was thinking of writing in the special notes the address of the neighbor that helped me once. But I don’t even know her name. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance everyone is so helpful

For your three references it’s best to list non-relative folks - coworkers, school counselors, landlord, friends. Same type of folks can be used for neighbor verifiers. Always best to avoid listing family members.

Thanks. So in 2015 i moved to west coast and moved several times while out here. Two former colleagues met up with me once each on west coast (they were out here for business). Another coworker I stayed in contact with. Maybe I can list them as my 3? but honestly friends I had on east coast lost touch with. It’s hard getting that 7 year duration.

Best to list sources who know you well now and folks who have known you for a while - several years if not longer.

For residential sources if neighbors aren’t known use friends who have been to your home - multiple occasions including recently. If you can’t provide that, use a landlord or rental agent.

Last source could be a family member - the more distant by relation the better: ie- cousin rather than mother; an uncle by marriage; a “god-relative”.


So just like I cannot use ex girlfriend as “people that know me well” I assume I cannot use my ex gf as resident reference too? She came over every week for the last year until we broke up 2 months ago. She was my entire life… it’s unfortunate I can’t use her at all

For residences, neighbors or roommates are best, if not then list a friend that has visited you at the home. Yes, you can use the ex-girlfriends for the residence and reference sections if you want. You can also use the uncles if you don’t have any other friends that know you well.

The form tells you what you can and cannot list.