No friends and scared to use workplace references

I am 38 years old, and a bit of a homebody loner. I am up for a job requiring TS clearance and I am worried that I won’t pass the BI because I have very few references. I have workplace references that I could use but I am worried that they will blab to my supervisor that I am looking to leave my current role in the private sector. Do investigators let the references know that I am being considered for a job requiring TS? As for friends, I have no friends IRL. I have online friends but I do not use my real name with them so they cannot be references. I own my home so I do not mind using a neighbor or two as a reference. Any advice? I can’t think of any other issues that will crop up accept for a juvenile incident where I was arrested as a minor for fighting with my mother. I went through a pretrial diversion program and my juvenile record was expunged. This happened nearly 25 years ago and I haven’t been in trouble with the law or work since then.

As part of the TS process an investigator will have to interview your supervisor and a coworker anyway so I suggest you let them know. Section 16 “people who know you well” is asking for social references, people who you spend time with doing activities outside of work. This can be a coworker if y’all also have a friendship outside of work. A neighbor will also be interviewed as a requirement for the TS. When the paperwork ask for a residence verifier a neighbor is what they actually want.

Did you list that alternate name you use on the form?