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@backgdinvestigator I had a question… If there were significant issues that you were going to pass along to the adjunicator on your investigation report, would you most likely interview references? It’s been close to 4 months since I had my interview and the fact that none of my references have been contacted I take it as a positive… Maybe wishful thinking I guess.

You are talking about two separate things. Your references are contacted to verify places you have lived and jobs you worked. They aren’t contacted to verify negative information found during your investigation. Many people never have their references contacted. My references were never contacted and I received a SOR more than a year after the interview. There is no way to find out the exact time you will have to wait. Just be patient, continue on with your life and expect that the final decision could still take more than a year.

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Thanks… I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, references are only contacted to verify address information. I don’t think that’s the case.

Well, they aren’t only contacted to verify address information. They should interview several references to confirm trustworthiness. Never heard of one person that hasn’t had this done.

So I am taking non contact of references as a positive, even though there are situations where denials are still given. If an applicant was to receive a denial for personal conduct, I would think it is more common then not that references be contacted to determine trustworthyness. If your credit isn’t in check and getting a financial related denial, investigator might not feel the need to contact references.

I still don’t think references being contacted has anything to do with whether or not you will be denied. But, no one seems to care about my experiences. I’m done posting on this site. Wasted energy.

Your personal situation was financial related. A BI wouldn’t need to contact anyone to know that, it’s all in the numbers (credit score/deliquent debt).

There are many different reasons to contact/not contact references. It depends on the type of investigation(level), whether those references are the best people to talk to, etc. Some cases(even with issues) don’t have any in person reference checks. Sometimes individuals, other than references, are contacted. Many variables. There is no general rule across all investigations.

Listed verifiers and references are normally not required to be interviewed. The field agent makes that decision based on your case and the information needed. The preferred source is the one found by the field agent to ensure the Subject is not “leading” the case.

So, your specific references may not have been contacted but others were if needed.


Appreciate the feedback, hope you enjoy the holidays.