Foreign Contact

I applied for a job in DoD as a civilian and received my EOD. Couple of days ago I received a call from an investigator that is assigned to me saying they want to talk to me. Prior to this they did not contact me or any of the references, is this normal?

It is not normal, no, but it can happen when there is an issue or missing information that prevents them from progressing. It might be that they are having difficulty contacting your references and need other options or people to contact.

Just follow instructions and hope for the best. That’s advice for pretty much any part of this process.

Its common enough…I’ve seen it. Make clear you want to know who you are talking to, for what job they are interviewing you for, and validate by THEM telling you it for the position you know you applied. I would never freely discuss personal life issues with a perfect stranger on the phone.

If you want to validate the investigator, ask them for their credential number and name. Then contact NBIB (google the phone number) and they can verify the investigator.

Often I don’t know the exact title or position most Subjects are seeking. I see “DoD Industry T5 Standard” or similar information until later in the process. Heck, most Subject’s and Agencies don’t list the specific title or position on the case papers.

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