Does NSA clearance take too long to process?

I am new to this page, however, I really liked going thru all these comments.
Anyhow,should I be worried about my TS/SCI clearance process with NSA as I was accepted in a government position.
Please help if any one has an idea or can guide me !!!

08/2017: Conditional Job Offer
09/2017: SF-86 submitted
11/2017: one reference was interviewed
12/2017 my current job supervisors interviewed
01/2018: Contacted by Investigator
02/2018: Interview with Investigator
10/2018: contacted Investigator about my BI process and he said that he submitted.
03/2019: Contacted by NSA HR department and said that I am still in good shape and process.
07/2019: Contacted senator office
08/2019: Received a response from NSA HR to senator office that I have foreign contacts.
11/2019: contacted HR department for any progress,so I have been told that I am still in suitable process.
Since than No NEWS !!!

So, should I be worry about my current application process? or do you guys think that I should get in touch with other senator regarding my TS/SCI progress.
Note: no ticket, no problem, no drug and no …etc

Thank you,

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In some cases, yes, a lost cause.
Otherwise, no, it takes as long as it takes.

Every case is different, so there is no good ballpark time-estimate for how long the process should take. I do not know your entire personal history (and just so we’re clear, I am not asking you to provide it as it’s none of my business), so it’s hard to say. Based on what I’ve read on here though, having the process take over 2 years with long periods of little or no communication from employers or investigators is definitely NOT unheard of, so if they say you are still in processing, I would take them on their word and continue to be patient (I know it’s hard).

Based on the timeline you provided, it appears that the discovery of foreign contacts may be a big reason for the hold up. Were they reported on your SF-86? Is it just one or are there multiple contacts? This will definitely slow the process down as this increases the investigator workload.


Apply for another job. I’ve never heard it taking two years to get get a clearance.

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Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I reported all foreign contacts on my SF-86, which are a brother and sister. In fact one of them was interviewed almost 1-1/2 years ago.

It’s possible that information uncovered from your investigator’s interview with your foreign contact requires deeper investigation, which could explain the long wait time.

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It is indeed a long road. I was CJO’ed in March 2017, Poly’ed in July 2019, and just got my rejection email. Three years of effort down the drain. Alas.

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Sorry to hear that. Mind telling if it was an SOR or a suitability denial?

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That’s so terrible, man. Did they say why? What are your future plans? Also, I’m sure this is a lot to take in right now, so I don’t expect answers if you don’t have them/want to say them.


I am sorry to hear that after three years of effort, and finally received your denial letter WOW!
I hope they have told you the reason for rejection. :pensive:

Yeah a real bummer. Was a suitability denial, said I could reapply in one year. But honestly the idea of going through all that again feels pointless. No reason given, though apparently you can write to them for not information. No idea if they really disclose anything, but I doubt it. For backgrounds purposes I was going for a critical language position. Learned the language in country many years ago, now use it professionally in the states. Good credit, minor drug history more than ten years old, no foreign contacts for many years. Clean poly, passed my psych. Really at a loss of an explanation here.

May I ask how long it was between the time you got the CJO and when you were contacted/interviewed by your investigator?

Well, so sorry to hear all this.
I don’t have a word to say but your story was a shocking and caused me to have no hope so far !!!
Best of luck

unfortunately, I have received an email and it completely surprised me that I have been waiting for two and half years to complete my clearance process and suddenly they send me an email and says that " Unfortunately, this is to inform you that your position is closed and you may re-apply for new opening, please note that you are not declined,but the position is closed"
So, any expert knows that what to do at the point? any solution? are they going to void my BI or they will continue?
Just curious to know if any option I may have.

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They will likely continue but that only helps if you find another position that requires pretty much the same investigation. Even if it gets discontinued, they SHOULD be able to reopen the existing investigation.

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Thank you ,but would like to clarify it that I spoke with HR this morning ,and they told me that I can re-apply and I will have to go through the same process once again.
I am very confused that government spend money to process one person for two and half years and then suddenly stop the process and eliminate the position, while encourage me to re-apply for any position.

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Welcome to the club!

From their point of view, you would be starting from scratch. However, when your investigation begins, they will use whatever they can from your previous investigation.

I agree and they may start the process from scratch, which is waste of money, time and discouraging applicants to reapply and make them to wait for 2-3 years at the end says, sorry position is closed.
This is why how wastefully taxpayers’ money(poor/middle class citizens) spent and no accountability.


Thank you and now I understand pain of those people who have been waiting years and they just close their process without any result.