Does NSA clearance take too long to process?

I had the same thing happened to me. Went through the whole BI, poly, adjudication and at the end did not get read on, so no record of me anywhere going through these things. Thankfully a contractor is sponsoring me now but they had to start from the very beginning. I was reading somewhere that overall cost of doing a BI is between 30 to 50k. How stupid and wasteful it is for one branch of the government to not share that info between each other? I understand that they might have different standards even for the same TS, so make the same high standards for every branch and don’t waste money, resources and time for everyone! I don’t understand how CIA, FBI, NSA cannot all get together in one room and come up with the same standards and use the same system for it. Crazy.

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The thing to remember about all of this that it is designed to work in the interest of national security. It’s there for you and I or to follow the cheapest, cost saving route. In terms of national security, it makes no sense to use two year old information for an investigation.

Aren’t you reinvestigated once every five years?
Even if not, continues reinvestigation should take care of that, but again - that should be done with standards acceptable by everybody. I’d rather have my investigation last longer than wait two years, not get a job and start another two year BI with another company.

It is a Big Question to me too that why the h. they are not sharing up-to-date information with each other.

If they share their up-to-date information with one another then how would they cover their lavish expense. Additionally, they will never get extra budget for their useless expenses.
Our BI is a good business to some !

I typed something that could have been taken the wrong way without intonation.

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