Timeline 2023 Thread

You can list another manager or a coworker if your previous supervisor is deceased (note this in the comments section for that entry) or annotated the business is closed in the address and comments section.

Yea I had done that and even mentioned it in my interview. But that was a month after all the inquiries had been sent out. Since you said it’s an automatic computer process anyway, I doubt the comments saying my former supervisor is deceased or a business is closed would have any effect anyway. But I do appreciate the info. I hit 130 days since my investigation started today so we’ll see what happens in the near future.

The comments become important when a human finally becomes involved with the process. Then the comments become a huge factor.

I’m approaching 100 days. Submitted in November.
Continuing to (im)patiently wait…

Submitted SF86 on CESP portal/NSA Feb 27 2023.
Army veteran, hold an active secret clearance. Not sure if my previous files will be reused.

March 25, 2022: Submitted SF86
August 2022- October 2022 : Subject Interview with Investigator multiple times throughout this time window over the phone.
Still waiting… Eligibility pending.
I am a naturalized US citizen.

is it on the secret level? Do you have foreign contacts?

Yes, it is on secret level and yes, I have my mother and two brothers who are my foreign contacts.

What about poly and psych?

My eqip was submitted in July! And I already have an active secret clearance from DOD but DHS does their own thing??

No poly and psych. It is for DoD secret, without any poly or anything. I have my aging mother and two younger brothers who are foreign contacts who has no ties to any government or military. I talk with my mother as a normal human being would to their mother when they are aging and I try to take care of her as much as I can. And My investigator’s opinion (I know opinion as he/she doesn’t make adjudication) was that there wasn’t anything on my background that should prevent me from being cleared. Still, after almost 1 year, all i get from my FSO is my eligibility is pending.

Did you approach congresssmen since it’s taking a long time?

I haven’t yet as i hear that even 2 years wait is nothing abnormal sometimes. But it is kind of painful to wait with extreme uncertainty.

Why don’t you reach out your investigator and find out what is going on there with the investigation now? Does he need any additional information from you to speed up the process?

I have relatives in a country not friendly to US. I submitted my eQIP in January, and I finished my subject interview last Friday.

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That doesn’t sound too promising for me either then. My parents still live in my home country which is an ally to the US and they are both retired. My sibling is here on a work visa though.

I will be submitting my eQip next week.

The investigator is not going to be able to provide any information. Once the investigator transmits his report the investigator’s role is complete. The investigator never finds out the adjudication decision and cannot provide a timeline. The investigator has no knowledge of any activity after the investigation stage is over. There are several people the investigation goes through. Most of the time there are multiple investigators working different items on a case and each investigator has to finish all of their items then the case has to clear the review department for the contracting company (CACI, Peraton, Paragon), then the case has to clear the review department with the government (usually DCSA) before the case goes to adjudication. Your investigator that does your Subject interview is a tiny little sliver of your investigation and there are many other things going on that your investigator has no part of and cannot predict in anyway the timeline.


Inquiries, the paper forms that are sent out for residential, education, and employment activities are automatically mailed to whatever address you list on your case papers for DOD/DCSA cases on T2 and T3 case types. Many other agencies sponsor federal background checks- DHS (HW, CIS, ICE,CBP) and various other agencies and those cases are scheduled and processed differently.

If you’re under DCSA, those inquiries are mailed, and if they come back as undeliverable or do not receive a response, DCSA will, after a certain period, schedule out a phone call to attempt to obtain the information for certain activities. Those are usually completed within 1-3 days from scheduling.

If you’re getting a T4 or T5 level BI, then almost everything is scheduled out to an investigator to obtain the coverage. There are a couple of exceptions that get an inquiry instead on T4 cases.
There is a team that is either a contractor or the feds(or possibly both) for modified scheduling that go through submitted cases and see if that subject has had completed, favorably adjudicated cases that they can refer coverage from. That’s usually used for education, employment, and social. That speeds up the process as that’s less items that need to be completed.

In general, the more you move around, change jobs, switch schools within the coverage period, the longer it takes. If you have law years, divorce within coverage, financial issues, foreign relatives or contacts from certain countries, that’s more work and will usually take longer to complete. Plus, on areas with shortages of investigators, or high workload areas like the MD/VA/DC area, that can delay it as well.

Businesses or schools being permanently closed, sure, put in a comment but whomever is conducting your investigation is still required to show attempts at that record in most cases to verify that info.

There should be a principal investigator for every case who takes care of the overall progress of an investigation for a case. General speaking, this principal investigator does the subject interview and be a contact point for the subject. If there is a deadline for an investigation (e.g. Priority handling), the principal investigator is responsible to make sure the investigation is completed before the deadline.

According to my FSO, no point in reaching out the investigator after he/she is done with their part. I have reached out to my investigator last in november and according to my investigator, they were waiting for getting my supervisor’s comment/reply to questionaries prior to formally closing the investigation. It has been 4 months since then and I am not sure if the investigation was ever formally closed and moved to adjudication or not.

What’s the time line for reinvestigations these days? I’ve been waiting since July 2022 but still actively using my TS/SCI clearance. I’m just told they haven’t heard anything and its been assigned to someone (case manager) supposedly.