Secret much longer?

Hello everyone,

I contacted my FSO and she confirmed that my file was moved to adjudication in mid-Oct. I am applying for a secret clearance with a three-letter agency. I thought my file went to adjudication much sooner, but I was mistaken.

I predict that my file is complete, but is just waiting to make it to an adjudicator’s desk.

How much more waiting can I expect before I hear anything?

Thanks in advance

It depends, (assuming this is with DOD) if your case is complex it could be month$ from now. If it’s fairly simply I imagine by the end of January the latest. Again no one can say for sure, just my opinion based on what I’ve been seeing.

Nobody knows, nobody can tell you. If your file was actually moved to adjudication in mid-October, it may have only just now been assigned. If may not have been assigned yet. Can’t tell. If there are issues, it could take six or eight months.

Nobody knows.

But the investigation is complete, so once an adjudicator examines the file, it should only take a a few days for them to decide, right?

All the information has been collected because the investigation is complete.

It will depend on how complex it is and if there’s issues. It could be a couple weeks or like Ed said, months.

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I will repeat . . . Nobody can tell you . . .

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