Current DoDCAF Adjudication Delays


How does any of you even know you are at the adjudication phase? Everytime I ask them they say they can’t tell me: “I am still actively processing.” It has been two years!


Not everybody who says that they actually knows that they are. Generally, when you are told that your investigation is closed, people assume that they are in adjudication. This isn’t always the case. Some will be in a post investigation review. Others will be with CAF, which is the adjudication facility, but their file hasn’t been assigned yet. I don’t remember which agency you are working with but you should be able to find out more information than that. You should be able to find out where your file is sitting. Your next move, if you haven’t done so, is to reach out to your congressman and senators. Despite what others have said, I don’t believe that anything happens faster but you can get better information.


I agree, a lot of people think they are in adjudication when in fact they aren’t. But if the investigation says closed in JPAS you can can find out when it was sent to DODCAF. I was able to find out that mine closed Sep 19 and was sent to DODCAF on Sep 24, but that info wasn’t from my FSO, I think it was from the OPM hotline maybe? My FSO could only see when it was closed and not when it was sent to DODCAF, but generally it only takes a few days from the time it is closed to when the CAF receives it.


Thanks. I contacted my senator. Considering all my background/reference check/poly etc is complete, they promised to follow up. I’m praying for a favorable decision soon.


@Nat have you heard anything back from Senator’s office yet? We’re they able to find out where your investigation is currently? Also, for anyone else who may know: Is it worth contacting your Senator / Representative if you know you are already in the adjudication phase? I think I’ve heard that they can help speed up the investigation part but they can’t do anything for the adjudication phase. Any thoughts?


Looks like the NISPPAC meeting was today. This Link shows the latest times for Q4 FY18. Supposedly adjudication times are better than they were earlier in the year which seems odd given all the people here having problems.


Well you have to understand, the people who wind up in this forum are usually the ones experiencing the delays and differ from the norm.


@hdub, True. I’m sure we’re outliers, but frustrating nonetheless. Any word on your adjudication? Still waiting or heard anything back?


Same boat as you. 46 days since it was sent to DoDCAF. My FSO got in touch with them the same week you did and I heard the same: it wasn’t assigned to an adjudicator yet. No word since. Coming up on 8 months since SF-86 submission for secret.


Well, some good news for me. Called my FSO this afternoon to see if he had heard anything and maybe bug him to contact DODCAF and mine was apparently just adjudicated today. Hoping that they are trying to clear out some backlog before the holidays and that others on this board will be getting good news soon too.


Congratulations. I just noticed that our cases were sent it to the DoDCAF the same time. I hope mine gets adjudicated as soon as possible.


Thanks @khan007! It was a stressful wait for me. I guess the positive takeaway for those still waiting is that just because yours is taking longer than the “average” doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. Mine was over 5 times what the “average” was for Q4 adjudications and then bang, all of a sudden, adjudicated. Best of luck to everyone still waiting and hoping you get an answer soon!


I think mine would take longer cause of SCI.


Good news on my end. Investigation closed on 10/01 and I was favorably adjudicated for DoD secret today. Hoping for good news for the rest of you as well.


I say it is work days, not including holidays, early release days, Code Red days, days when they are in mandatory training, days on a Monday after the Redskins or Ravens got beat really bad, paydays, or sick days.

In other words, they are using their own scale that is not tied to any officially recognized calendar.


Hey that is pretty cool. I don’t think JPAS (or JCAVS or whatever that part of JPAS was called) had any visibility at all into the adjudication phase.

I mean, it isn’t cool that your case hasn’t been assigned, its cool that maybe now there is a little more visibility into this part of the process.


Need advice or insight on a topic on me trying to get a public trust from a new company and already undergoing a secret clearance which was sponsored by another company that I’ve resigned from. I can’t get a CAC right now until the secret clearance process is finalized because it’s at adjudication process. Not sure why or what this means as I don’t need a secret clearance for this new job position. Any insight for me please.


@Wdl I’m sure someone else may have better info, but my thought is this: I’m pretty sure you can’t have more than one investigation open at a time. Since the Tier 3 investigation you currently have open is higher than what is needed for a Public Trust, they can just use your adjudication for that clearance to grant you a public trust when it comes through. In theory if you are just waiting to be adjudicated it should be fairly quick. Again, this is just my thought on the situation, others may have some more authoritative info. Best of luck.


@Herbie-H Thanks for the response and insight. Can you tell me how long does it take for adjudication maybe and what if it comes back not good, will I still be able to get the public trust you think?
Thanks again!


Depending on what public trust it is. I think there are two kinds, SF-85 and SF-85P. I had a public trust with the SF-85 and that took about 2 weeks to get and was in process for the top secret clearance with no issues, while the SF-85P is the more in depth investigation, which if im not mistaken cannot be done with a current investigation.