Current DoDCAF Adjudication Delays


Hello - newbie here.

Currently waiting for a contract I really want, but can’t start without T3. I have been a gov employee with public trust, so this is an “upgrade.” Mine is “pending eligibility upgrade” with DODCAF.

The opening of the investigation (8 days) and my OPM investigation was much faster than the average (45 days) but my adjudication is now at 18 days. I know, I know what you are going to say —ahh that’s nothing, calm down young one.

My concern is that the FSO seemed to think I would get issued interim at the close of the OPM investigation. I was under the impression that DODCAF was part of the normal process, but now I’m concerned, and even more concerned they will just hire someone that has clearance already since mine is taking too long.

Was I denied interim? Can they renig a position because it’s taking too long (even if I’m eventually cleared)?

Again, I know this is less than average but it doesn’t make the wait any less agonizing.


Interims are no longer handed out like candy canes at Christmas. Not all of the FSOs have caught up to that. Even at that, I don’t think that you would get an interim until the file is assigned to an adjudicator which can take 30 to 45 days.

The FSO will be notified if you are denied an interim. I don’t think that YOU will be notified. Yes, they can pull your offer if they decide that your clearance is taking too long. But, it’s doubtful that you are into that range.


Yeah, 18 days is nothing. Your talking about 12 business days over a holiday period… you can’t really even consider Black Friday a business day either.


If your interim was denyed you would get notification that it was denyed and the process would continue. You will get notified once granted or denyed…


Well I guess no news is good in that respect but 18 days is still enough to elicit anxiety and hopelessness


18 days?..there are people on here past 18 months…its simply a very,very slow process.


PC - I have a MRPT (T2S) classification and for a new position requiring Secret clearance I had to begin a new T3 investigation with a different agency.

It took about 30 calendar days for me to find out my interim status on a Secret clearance. It came back ‘pending’ which means there is no interim granted - I will have to wait out the whole investigation.

I was told there is no ‘upgrade’ from MR PUblic Trust to Secret. The investigation will be standard, though the BI will most certainly review the information in my BI from the MRPT T2S investigation. I got a copy of that already from my FOIA request and it was more or less accurate, but at least now I know what information the next BI will have in case there are questions or they need me to expand on anything more.


there is no “upgrade” from Public Trust to National Security -some law checks, the credit report, and employer records that might be usable (depends when your T2 initiated) but the T3 is more thorough than the T1 or T2.


The SF-85 is for a Tier 2 Public Trust investigation, while the SF-85P is for the Tier 4 Public Trust. And you’re right, the T4 is much more in-depth.


YOU are incorrect: The SF-85 (Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions) is used for low risk non-clearance positions and the SF-85P (Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions) is used for moderate and high risk public trust positions. AKA- Tier 2 and Tier 4.


Ah ok interesting thanks! Did you just use the DODCAF FOIA PDF I see online? How long did it take? How long have you been waiting in adjudication/ what is your timeline now?


My SF85P for the MRPT at my current agency was a T2S investigation. It took about a year from beginning until investigation was listed as ‘closed’ in JPAS. That was end of September. I have no idea what the adjudication status is. I’ve been working since I started anyway. I guess if something raised flags, I’ll be notified to pack my things and go.


I have good news on my side too. Called my FSO on Friday she told me that I got a favorable adjudication. So I know it’s a very frustrating process and people tends to lose patience, I was one of those people, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. my investigation closes on 10/15/2018 and got adjudicated 11/30/2018 which is 46 days. I thought I should share that with you all. good luck everyone


What is your clearance type if you dont mind asking me? I have been in adjudication since Sep 28th 2018 for TS/SCI.


Thank you for sharing! 46 days would put me at right around Christmas! It’s the only thing I want this year!!! Lol


@crazy8 Awesome News! Mine was 53 days. I realize it’s anecdotal evidence but it seems like there are quite a few people on here recently who have similar timelines (45-50 days), which really makes you wonder about the 15 day adjudication average that DODCAF constantly touts.


it’s a secret clearance


Here is my timeline so far . Completed SF86 8/27/2018: investigation began 10/15/18. Investigation completed 11/26/18. Investigator told me investigation had been closed and it is now in adjudication on 11/30/18. I have went to the websites and according to their charts it said the adjudication process after the investigation takes 20 days. For Q4 18, the investigator told me the whole process should not take more than 90 days from e-quip through adjudication. Am I missing something here ?


Your investigator should not be giving you timelines. We have no control over the process, especially when the case goes to adjudication. Rumor is adjudications are backed up because of all the case closures this year.


backgdinvestigator, just making sure: an investigation can stay open indefinitely but once the investigation closes, a 30 month timeline for adjudication starts. Is that correct?